$99.00 USD

Pregnancy & Birth Prep Course

Prep for birth with your very own midwife! Learn everything you need to know about how to rock your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum recovery (plus breastfeeding & newborn care!) from a pro. 

This course is expert-led and full of valuable information you're going to want to know such as:

  •  Pregnancy run-down
  •  Prenatal healthcare options
  •  Prenatal providers (midwife vs. OB)
  •  Prenatal testing
  •  Optimizing prenatal health
  •  Prenatal exercise 
  •  Prenatal nutrition
  •  Stages of labor
  •  Optimal fetal positioning
  •  Medical interventions
  •  Induction methods
  •  Unexpected situations
  •  Comfort measures 
  •  Support in labor
  •  Understanding your stress responses
  •  Relaxation techniques
  •  Breathing tools
  •  Doula care
  •  Medical options for pain relief
  •  What to expect postpartum
  •  Postpartum recovery tips & tricks
  •  Postpartum nutrition
  •  Breastfeeding basics
  •  How to take care of a newborn

PLUS tons of helpful handouts including:

  •  Customizable (& cute) birth plan
  •  Midwife guide to contractions & water breaking
  •  Midwife guide to labor
  •  Medical intervention guide
  •  Natural baby registry must-haves
  •  Prenatal health assessment
  •  NORA tea recipe
  •  Holistic support for clogged ducts & mastitis
  •  AND MORE :)

What People Are Saying:

This course was great! Dr. Binder was very informative and covered all her bases. All the information helped me through my whole pregnancy and into postpartum. I have been able to easily refer back to the information because of the easy downloads she provided. I will be using this course again through future pregnancies as a refresh on what to do. I highly recommend any pregnant woman and her spouse to go through this course to make their experience so much easier. Make sure to follow her on her socials because she includes even more tips through there for health physically, mentally and emotionally.

Addi F.

This course was absolutely everything I needed to feel prepared and ready for my natural childbirth! I love that it was led by a licensed midwife with real experience working with so many other moms in pregnancy and labor. I'm also stoked that there were so many helpful handouts and downloads included.

Steph B.